Technology built to scale

At the Media Asylum we create purposeful solutions that engage with their audience. Discover how our services add value to your business.

  • Coding

    The environment and project requirements define the language. We are experienced professionals in C#/VB.NET, ASP.NET MVC, PHP, Swift/Obj-C, Java, JS/HTML5/CSS3 and many more.

  • Databases

    Scale, Performance and Access, direct us to select the right database for the job, often requiring that we polyglot. We combine SQL and NoSQL databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, Lucene and MongoDB.

  • Mobile

    We cut our teeth in Objective C and now use Swift for iOS development and Java for Android.

  • Cloud

    Chances are you are already using the Cloud: Hosted email, EDI and Web Services are amoung many solutions we offer to our customers with a focus on flexibility and ROI.

  • Search

    We implement bespoke search solutions specific to our customers requirements, ranging from product catalogue filtering, geographical locations and intelligent image searches by colour and context.

  • Wireless

    We have experience communicating directly with third party devices over Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC. Integrating new and existing software with sensors, barcode scanners and other digital inputs.

  • Security

    We insist on the highest levels of security and data protection for our customers. Hashing, Encryption and Secure Connections (SSL) to name a few methods we employ to keep data safe.

  • Photography

    Stock photography is fine in a pinch but when you want something unique and relavant there is no substitute. We use in-house talent and local professionals to create brand specific photography.

  • Video/Animation

    Animated GIFs, Looping Videos and Stop Motion are just some of the tools we use to hold the audience's attention and foster brand recognition.


Hand written Websites, Services, APIs and Applications with beautiful designs tailored to our customers.


Apps for iOS and Android built for Consumer and Enterprise, our Apps connect people, services and devices.


A history of experience developing new and existing Windows and Mac apps.

Always looking forward

If we don't shout about it, this doesn't mean we can't do it. We have a can do attitude and talents across many disciplines.

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